Burns, bites, wounds and sepsis

Among the other injuries mentioned, burns and bites are common injuries that can affect the arms and hands. Bites to the hand are very common and can cause pain and various other problems if infected. Burns on the hand, commonly occur on the arms and hands and can cause the death of the skin cells ranging from mild to severe, depending on the intensity and length of heat exposure.

  • Bites
    Bites, be it a human bite or animal bite, can cause concern as they can result in infection if untreated. With an animal bite, the bacteria from the mouth of the animal may enter the wound and begin to grow, causing pain, tissue damage and life-threatening problems like sepsis. Human bites also carry a high risk of infection.
  • Burns
    Burns can be caused by heat or chemicals. They can vary and are usually classified into degrees of severity, from first to fourth degree.
As with bites, early and proper treatment is essential for burns to reduce the risk of complications such as infection.

What does the treatment of bites and burns involve?

Infections involving the fingers, hand, wrist or arm require emergency treatment. For bites and burns, you should see your doctor for treatment. Part of the treatment will include preventing infections. Signs of infection may include localised redness, swelling, warmth, fever or chills, and drainage from the wound.

Treatment of bites and burns should be sought immediately. Provide your doctor with an outline of how the injury happened so that he may better understand the risk factors involved. For bites, an x-ray may be needed to assess the damage to the bone and look for tooth fragments. For burns, your doctor will categorise the burn immediately so that treatment can be planned appropriately.

Any open and raw wounds will be cleaned frequently, dressings will be changed during check-ups and monitored for signs of infection. In severe cases, skin grafts may be needed.